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Debbie whitehead, M.Ed., LPC



Scroll to read a few recent wins, stories, and testimonials from my clients.

"Debbie listens with intent, shows understanding, and is deeply compassionate. I appreciate the practical solutions she offers, and I leave my time with her feeling equipped to face all the emotions of the day. She has taught me there are no “good” or “bad” emotions; they are all there for us to experience life to the full. This view has changed the way I experience these God-given traits, and it has helped erase shame behind feelings. I am so grateful for how she makes me feel seen + heard, while also redirecting me and helping change my thought processes."

- client

"I've been going to Debbie for almost two years! She has such a genuine, loving and sincere heart for each of her clients. Not only does she help with the mental and emotional aspects but also the physical and gives great recommendations on different types of food and plant-based products. She makes her clients feel safe and unjudged. I can truly trust her with what I share. I would highly recommend Debbie for counseling to everyone! She is a true inspiration and such a beautiful woman."

- client

"I've been seeing Debbie for a couple of months now, she has truly helped me see the good in myself and set healthy boundaries with others. I come from a broken home where you were always told what was bad or wrong with you, I'm now in my late 20's and I thought by now my nightmares would all be over with but I was so wrong... Each session has been so refreshing and eye opening to the truth. Though this is only the beginning to discovering how fearfully and wonderfully I was made to be, I can't wait to see what else I'll discover and overcome!" 

- client

“Getting with Debbie this past year has helped me so much to grow in understanding and embracing my emotions more! I can process my thoughts and emotions so much better than I could before meeting with her. Though mental health is a lifelong battle, I feel much more confident in myself and my choices. I’ve also learned to be proud of myself and love myself more and to stop worrying about the validation of others.”

- client

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